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Let Great Gift Ideas out of the Socks

Gift-giving presents much more than just the exchange of objects. It has become a part of communication, because with a gift we also pass on a message:

-        Personally, gifts could be a gesture of good relationship, especially when received on special occasions such as birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day.

-        Business-wise, gifts are not only an expression of gratitude or appreciation, but also excellent promoters that carry around your corporate logos or business names.


Socks could become ideal gifts for various reasons:

-        Worn closely on a daily basis, socks have their meanings and are frequent reminders of intimacy, coziness, love and care.

-        Being relatively inexpensive, very customizable with colors and patterns, and producible in quantities as minimum as a few hundred pairs, socks are excellent gifts, to give away at promotional events, to say “Thank you” to customers, or to distribute to employees as an appreciation.


De-Yuan has worked with companies around the world, from diversified cultural backgrounds, to turn socks into great gift items that would eventually become a bright moment of the day for someone, a sparkling promoter for a business, or a souvenir to take home with the precious memories of a journey.


Expressions of Feelings and Emotions


Derrière La Porte is a French creative designer and distributor of home decorative items. Alongside with numerous lovely doormats, cans, bags, keychains, postcards and more, socks are seamlessly incorporated into the line. They all have one thing in common that would be both eye-catching and heart-touching: Each item is the carrier of a personal message.

Gift envelopes in matching colors and designs would complete the expressions perfectly:

Love and Memory of National Parks, Captured with Precision


McGovern & Co. is an American Heritage brand. Partnered with all of the National Parks in the US, it creates wondrous vintage products inspired by the beautiful wild: maps, shirts, socks, blankets, scarves, mugs, and more, and the joy and rich memories they make, close to people’s hearts.


Made with 360-degree digital printing, scenery of the great nature and real maps of the National Parks are reproduced in high precision on socks and other apparels and accessories. Socks alone, would be able to make an attractive collection:

Socks, along with items from various categories, would also create a themed collection of memories, such as the maps of the Acadia National Park:

Branded Corporate Gifts: Promoting Brand-Awareness


Socks are very flexible in design customization and production quantity. Even at a low unit cost, they can bring business names closely to customers, business partners or coworkers. With elements like logos, slogans, products, and theme colors incorporated into the design, socks are a frequent and intimate reminder of brands and names. 

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